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Friday, January 11, 2013

Join the Candle Light Vigil for our Two Jawans who laid down their lives protecting our India & us

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Pondicherry Airport Flights Schedule and Ticket Prices #PNY #Pondicherry

Finally Pondicherry gets air connected with 5 major cities. Starting 17th January 2013, fly direct from Pondicherry to Bengaluru. Passengers could also fly to Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Hyderabad from Pondicherry via Bangalore.

The schedule of 50-minute-long travel is: Pondicherry (Departure) -13.30 and Bangalore (arrival) - 14.20, Bangalore (Departure) - 12.20 and Pondicherry (arrival) - 13.10. The tickets are priced for Pondicherry to Bangalore at Rs 3193 and from Bangalore to Pondicherry at Rs 3445. Round trip is priced at Rs 6638.
Advance booking for Pondicherry to Bangalore would cost passengers around Rs 2668 (one or two months before journey) and around Rs 2920 for Bangalore to Pondicherry.

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