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Monday, February 27, 2012

Galatias'12 - Pondicherry Engineering College Technical Symposium 2012

Galatias'12 is a National Level Technical meet organised by the student's council Department of CSE (MCA-Section) at Pondicherry Engineering College.

Fest date: 9th March 2012

• Paper Presentation
• Bug Hunt
• Tech Quiz
• Web Design
• Ad-Zap
• Gaming

For More details visit: http://www.galatias.pec.edu

Pondicherry Engineering College
Puducherry - 605 014.
Ph: 0413-2655281

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EFlair 2012, Achariya School of Business and Technology, Technical Fest, Pondicherry, March 8-9 2012

Coming March 2012, ACHARIYA School of Business & Technology will play host to a technical game on the name eFlair’12, compiling with the events kicking out your extreme tallents! Yes, Eflair is back. Eflair’12 is billed to be among the most awaited cult fests of 2012. It has been a platform for innovative measures and promote budding technocrats from the whole nation; and urges them to create, share and propagate their initiatives.

Fest dates: 8th-9th March 2012

• Folio Vitae [Paper Presentation ]
• Imaginarium [Idea Presentation]
• MixUP [Web Designing]
• Animatrix [Animation Contest]
• Code Wreck [Code Debugging]
• M-bedded Show [Hardware presentation]
• Wizzy Quest [Technical Quiz]
• Tech-Idiom [Word Play]
• BetON [PS2/PC Gaming]
• Minute Slam [Minute to Win it]

For any queries contact:
Mr. RajeshKannaa - 9894343205

Villianur-605 110.
Contact: 0413-2660730
Website: http://eflair12.asbt.in/

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Auroville Retreat - 2012

'Auroville Retreat' will be offering a weekend holiday package in Auroville in mid-February for those who want a 'dash of energy' in their holidays.

Programme Coordinator Martin Scherfler, in a release said the programme includes activities as diverse as Tai Chi, Awareness Through the Body, Brazilian Capoeira, Argentine Tango and beach surfing along with a forest walk and stargazing - all under the guidance of international practitioners.

Practiced regularly, these can help you to energize your body, stay fit and maintain a positive attitude to life, the release claimed .

For more information visit: www.aurovilleretreat.org

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Online Movie Ticket Booking in Pondicherry

Now you can book your movie tickets online. The three major movie theaters Big cinemas-Jeeva rukmani, muruga theater and raja talkies have lauched their websites with the online ticket booking facility. Big cinemas was the first thearter in pondicherry to provide this facility and later has been withdrawn. Now they have relaunched this facility with the help of a third party website.

To book your tickets in Big Cinemas and Muruga Theater you can login to www.ticketgreen.com and for the Raja Talkies visit www.ticketnew.com

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pondicherry Central University rises in protest

Source: Times of India

A collective 'raid' by students of Pondicherry Central University found rotten veggies and rice in the college mess, sparking a major protest inside the campus since Sunday afternoon. The students' act was during the Sunday lunch time inside the kitchen of boy's canteen, where they reportedly found rotten vegetables and several kilograms of rice and adulterated food items. Students who took out all the food items from the kitchen marched to the university main gate next to the East Coast Road. The protest is still going on, blocking the entry of vehicles into the campus.

According to a post graduate student, the raid was conducted on Sunday after they found that the food which served during lunch time was bad in taste. "We immediately decided to enter the kitchen, where we found rotten items and cigarette buds in the dishes. It was extremely unhygienic and in bad quality. We decided to take out the entire items and marched to the Gate No. 2, where we sat till Monday morning, preparing dinner there itself," he said.

Not less than 1,000 students are involved in the protest as they have been complaining to the management of unhygienic food for several months. Students said they were being ill-treated by the chief warden of the hostels and the university vice chancellor even after they have reported about unhygienic food. Nearly 500 students who camped at the main gate of the university stayed there whole night protesting and they organised a students march inside the campus on Monday morning.

"We do not want to discuss this issue with anyone other than the vice chancellor. We gheraoed the university registrar on Sunday evening after he made an attempt to threaten some of the students for leading the protest. Last time, when we were invited for a meeting to resolve a similar issue, we were served show cause notices for questioning the authority instead of discussing the issue. We demand for a public meeting of students in the presence of vice chancellor," said one of the students, who wants to maintain anonymity as the management is likely to take action against a few students who leads the protest. A senior faculty in the communication department said if the students have the rights to rate their faculties, they can rate their food also.

The canteen which was allegedly served rotten food items feed not less than 1,000 students lives in the boys hostels. When contacted, the vice chancellor or the registrar of the university were not available for comment.