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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chinese food festival in Pondicherry

The Chinese Flavors Food Festival is organized at “The Richmond Hotel” in Pondicherry (The Residency group of hotels) starts from 23rd September to 4th October 2009. This fine dining restaurant offers Chinese dishes with a focus on flavors from the Orient.

Address: 12, Labourdonnais Street, Puducherry – 605001. Ph: +91 413 2346363


Friday, September 11, 2009

Unlimited breakfast hurry!

CK's foodstaurant got a new way to promote their sale. They offer a buffet breakfast worth Rs. 150/- just for Rs. 79/- only! Includes Idly, pongal, vada, vegetable sandwich, poori with masala, Maa Mango/apple juice, Bread omelet, Papaya cut fruit and coffee. This offer is only on Saturday and Sunday and is valid till September 30th 2009.
cks restaurant pondicherry
Address: 58, Mission street, Near ICICI Bank, Puducherry – 605001. Phone: 4210010


Monday, June 8, 2009

Indira Gandhi sports stadium pondicherry

Uppalam Indira Gandhi sports stadium in pondicherry is a world-class sports stadium for both indoor and outdoor games. The sports facilities provided at Indira Gandhi stadium includes Volleyball court, Hockey field, Football field, and a Badminton court.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Computer education in pondicherry

Bright Tech has become a leading Computer institution in Pondicherry offering software and hardware training with high standards. The course offered by bright tech covers all the aspects of latest information technology. It is designed to effectively address the learning curve of beginners as well professionals.

The courses offered by Bright Tech: Certificate course in computer application, Diploma in Hardware, Diploma in Networking, Tally, DTP, DCA, Diploma in cellphone technician.

36, III Cross, Subbaih nagar, (Hotel Mass Backside), Puducherry.
Phone: 4200508/4201509

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Amusement park in Pondicherry

Sampoorna Amusement park is the first water theme park in Pondicherry. Though it is situated a few kilometers away from the town, people do not seem to mind traveling the distance to enjoy the cool dip. Sampoorna has a swimming pool, roller coaster, fountain and also offers some water sports. They charge Rs. 250 per head to enjoy these events

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Pondicherry is famous for its creative and beautiful souvenirs. Terra cotton, handmade papers, wooden handicrafts, aromatics, leather products, linen and garments are unique here. Sunday market is ideal for economic shopping.

Pondicherry offers wide varieties of shopping. Most shops are open from 10.00 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. and some of them are closed for lunch, Sundays & Public holidays. pondicherry is popular for products like Clothing, leather products, jewellery, antiques, crafts, handmades, aromatics and silk. Most of the shopping areas are within the boulevard.

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Grand bazaar

Grand Bazaar is a market located between Mahatma Gandhi street & Bharathi street. It is the main market of Pondicherry for flowers, fruits, vegetables, fish, spices, groceries & Utensils. It is very interesting to browse this daily market.

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Sunday market

Mahatma Gandhi street & Jawaharlal Nehru street cross roads has street markets on every Sunday. This market is quite famous and perfect for cheaper products. Garments, second-hand books, toys, house holds, CD’s, DVD, audio tapes and used products are generally sold here.
[Source: Repos Travel Guide]

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Tour pondicherry

Full Day Tour - Rs.110/- per person
[Aurobindo Ashram, Handmade Paper Factory, Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Museum, Sacred Heart Church, Botanical Garden, Chunnambar Water Sports Complex, Auroville & Panchavadi Hanuman Temple]
Departure: 9:30 a.m.

Half Day Tour - Rs.90/- per person
[Aurobindo Ashram, Chunnambar Water Sports Complex, Auroville & Panchavadi Hanuman Temple]

Eco Friendly Tour - Rs .150/- per Adult/ Rs.100 per Child [Includes Veg. Lunch]
[Villianur Temple, St. Lourdes Madha Church, Kezhur Banyan Tree, Referendum Monument, Ousteri Lake, Thiruvakkari Fossils, Prithiyankaradevi Temple, Kalapet Beach]

For further details please contact:
40, Goubert avenue, Pondicherry - 605001.
Phone: 0413 2339497 / 2330532 / 2220371
Email: tourismpondy@sify.com

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Ousteri lake

Ousteri lake is one of the biggest lake and major supplier of drinking water in those days. Now it is opened for the tourists for boat ride and to watch the birds. During the season this lake acts as dwelling place for many migration birds.
[Source: Repos Travel Guide]

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History of Pondicherry

It dates back to pre-history time, it is believed that sage Agasthiya established his ashram here. This place was known as “Vedapuri, a seat for knowledge”. The inscription found near the Vedhapuriswara temple hints at the credibility of this legend.

The excavations at arikamedu proves that Pondicherry had trade relations with Greco-Romans during 1st century A.D. Potteries, wines, spices and semi precious jewelries were the major products traded. The proofs exhibits that “Puduke or Poduca” should have been the name of this town during the contemporary period.

From 4th A.D Pondicherry was ruled by the pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, Vijayanagar kingdom and by sulthanas till the Portuguese established their settlement in 16th century.

The European connections started with Portuguese followed by the Danes, the Dutch, the French and the English. For nearly 50 years Pondicherry had a power struggle between French and English. Finally in 1816, the French took total control over Pondicherry under the treaty signed in Europe between the French & English. The fishing village turned to be a beautifully planned town during the 138 years of the French governance.

On November 1, 1954, the French possessions in India were de facto transferred to the Indian union and Pondicherry became a union territory. But only in 1963 Pondicherry became officially an integral part of India after the French parliament in Paris ratified the treaty with India. It is almost 16 years after the Indian independence.

Still Pondicherry carries the souvenirs & heritage of the French connections. You could see it with the street name in white town, kepis of the policemen, petange, French institutions, local slang connected with French words and many. You could definitely feel it when you are in Pondicherry.
[Source: Repos Travel Guide]

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Arikamedu has a long history dating back to 2nd century B.C. It was used as a port for trade with the Romans and Greco-Romans. Wine, Garum sauce and olive oil were imported and the exports must have included textile, beads, semiprecious gems, glass and shell bangles.

But now we could see only the perpendicular walls and a mission house, as the excavated trenches have been filled up. To know more about Arikamedu and its ancient culture you could visit the Pondicherry museum where pottery, beads, shell bangles, ear studs etc are persevered.
[Source: Repos Travel Guide]

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Pondicherry is famous for its craftsmanly artistic handicrafts. Pondicherry has a wealth of handicrafts ranging from bronze images to basketry. The wealth of knowledge these craftsmen have has resulted in Pondicherry commanding a distinct position in handicrafts map of India.

Bronze images of Hindudeties with varying sizes is a standing testimony to the excellent craftsmanship of Pondicherry.

The woodcarvings are unique, with a rich blend of French and traditional craftsmanship. The sofas, the carved legs of corner stands, make this art unique all over India.

Carpets occupy an important place in the Pondicherry’s handicrafts. The Tibetan and German carpentry flourished hand in the hand with the tradition of knowledge of cotton and core carpets of south India, in Pondicherry.

Printed and painted wall hangings, were introduced by the migrant Telugu people into Pondicherry and are subsequently improved with the synthesis of European design and art.

Pondicherry is also famous for its Teracotta toys and toys are made out of paper machine. The terracatta toys were also found in the excavations made at Arikamedu, which reflects the state of affairs of Pondicherry during the ancient period.

Clay and ceramic pottery reflects the traditional East and modern West is contacts in Pondicherry. Artistic vases, plates, bowls, jars exhibit the fitness of these crafts.

Pondicherry is famous for its Hand made paper. The ordinary papers, by the introducing into the method of marbling, acquires unique designs of various colors and shapes. No two articles bear the same color combination or design in unique only to these Handmade papers.

Basketry, a rural crafts, occupies a prominent place in Pondicherry handcrafts, due to its intricate weaving and exquisite designs. These articles are made out of bamboo and canes. The cane work through a recent origin, has surpasses the other products of basketry for its elegance and long lasting nature.

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Leather goods

Pondicherry’s leather works have a distinct character a blend of Eastern skill and Western design. Traditionally Pondicherry has lot of skilful persons in the area of leather goods and crafts. An important feature of Pondicherry leather industry is that much thrust is given for Eco-friendly leather. These vegetable tanned soft leather have acquired brass fitting, thus adding beauty to utility.

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Silk Textiles

Pondicherry, through not having its own silk weaving unit or a flourishing silk industry the neighboring places like Thirubuvanam, Siruvandhadu are traditionally the nodal areas of its Silk industry. Pondicherry is a well established market especially for the above mentioned silk centers.

Pondicherry houses, a lot of exclusive silk textiles showrooms. Beautiful traditional and modern designs and made on the silk sarees and shawls that are exhibited in the various showrooms.

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Garments & Textiles

Traditionally Pondicherry has contributed much to textiles especially handloom textiles have won the reputation of people including foreigners as it is evident from the artifacts excavated in Arikamedu. Which stands as a testimony of Pondicherry’s involvement in international trade. During the French rule, a textile mill, Sawana Mill (now Swadeshi Cotton Mill) was started to tap the resource of the trained manpower. Pondicherry now houses three major mills in the heart of the city.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram, has also contributed lot in the sphere of Garment industry. Exotic North Indian styled Garments synthenised with the South Indian Styles. Sri Aurobindo Ashram has its own exclusive, marbling division, which produces beautiful silk verils, scarf’s and other silk garments.

The Christian (monasteries) are also involved in making of certain exotic garments especially the marriage gown for the bride made of linen. This legacy of exquisite garments and textiles is carried on by the various textiles and garment showrooms, which exhibit their products ranging from mattresses to Sarees, in the main Bazaar road of Pondicherry.

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Statue of Joseph Francois Dupleix

The statue of Joseph Francois Dupleix is a 2.88 meter tall, who was the Governor of Pondicherry from 1742 to 1754. The statue was made in France by Theodore Grruere and erected in the year 1870 at the Place de Republique.

Later is was shifted to French consulate General in 1964 now given to Pondicherry Administration by an agreement between India and France. The statue was placed in the children’s park in 1983, southern end of the beach road or Goubert Avenue.

The marble statue of the heroic and mercurial French damsel Jeanne D’Arc in the posture holding aloft the flag stands on a pedestal in the garden opposite to Eglise de Notre Dame de Anges. The statue of Goddess of travel in front of the Railway Station Stands majestically.



There are seven Mosques in Pondicherry. The Kuthpa Mosque situated in Mulla street is one of the oldest and famous mosque. This Mosque is two hundred years old and been re-constructed in 1922-24. During the French rule, Mayor Gabilo has praised about its modest feature. Besides the mosque, lies the symmetry of Mowls Sahib.

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The churches, l’Eglise de Notre dame de l’Immaculee Conception in rue des Missions Etrangeres, l’Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges in rue Dumas and l’Eglise de Sacre Coeur de Jesus in South Boulevards are famous for its magnificent architecture build by the French missionaries during the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Each church exhibits a different style of architecture viz. medieval Christian, Roman and Gothic respectively. L’Eglise de Notre Dame de l’Immaculee Conception was first built in 1692. This church took its present shape in 1791 after its destruction in 1761. The church of Notre Dame des Anges built was between 1851 and 1855. The cross shaped church of St. Francois d’Assie in Kurusukuppam was built in the year 1843. The Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges in Villianur is also very famous.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Azimuth conducted Intercollegiate English Essay competition on women’s day

Azimuth celebrated international women’s day in their campus with an essay competition for the arts college students. 18 students from different colleges were participated in the competition, Achariya college student won the First prize of Rs. 2000 and got a certificate of appreciation. Bharathidasan college student got second prize.
For more details visit: www.azisoft.blogspot.com

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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Auroville means the city of dawn, is located 10 kms from Pondicherry just away from the border of TamilNadu. It was inaugurated on 28 Feb 1962. Auroville is unique; it has no creeds, no nationality, no politics and this International town is proposed to have 50,000 inhabitant in and around the world. It aims peace and progressive harmony among the supreme living being.

A handful of soil brought from all states of India and around 175 countries is placed into a lotus bud shaped marble urn in the middle of the amphitheater depiciting the rise of a city dedicated to human unity and integrity. Presently it has 2,000 and more residents around the world are scattered in Auroville.

Still the expansion of this 800 hectares is a daring experiment in social integration, afforestation, solar energy, organic agriculture, industries and an inner quest. This place was a wasteland before1968. Its early settlers, planted two million saplings which yielded the coconut palms, cashews, neem, eucalyptus and gulmohar trees that we see now all around. Its inhabitants, from 27 countries around the world including India, live in eclectic dwellings like Swiss chalets. They are an industrious lot who not only help in the construction of Matrimandir but run units that produce cotton garments, leather bags, furniture, high-tech equipment and organically grown vegetables. Many of these items are also exported.

Matrimandir a place of concentration is the eue of this swirling wind city. This gaint sphere which is nine storeys high, in Mother dream that has come true. Auroville is divided into 4 zones international, cultural, residential and industrial deemed to upgrade the community development. Auroville is surrounded with an intensive afforestation. Nearly 10 million trees are around this 2,500 acre city, spread over an area of 20 sq kms.

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Statue of Mahatma Gandhi

The 3 meter tall statue of the ‘Father of the Nation’ Mahatma Gandhi, was made by the famous sculptor Roy Choudary of Madras school of Arts and crafts. The statue is installed east-facing the ‘Place de Gouvernment’ surrounded by six monolithic pillars.

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The 10 days annual bhramothsavam of Manakula Vinayagar temple is celebrated by the devotees from 1957. The festival of Drowpathiamman temple is celebrated for 22 days in the month of July-August. Fire walking ceremony attracts large crowds on the 18th day of the festival.

The car festival of Sri Tirukameeshwarar in Villianur gathers large number of devotees in Pondicherry and its neighboring state Tamilnadu. The car festival of this temple is celebrated in the month of May. The veerampattinam Car festival is also famous in Pondicherry.

The Maasi magma festival is celebrated on the sea shore near Kurusukuppam a little away to the north of Pondicherry. Deities from various temples in Pondicherry and Tamilnadu are brought in the car to participate in this annual celebration. The images of various God brought in a procession with Nadhaswaram music accompanied before every car, is taken around the town and finally to the sea shore. Here the deities are dipped in the sea and rituals are conducted. Later, the images are once again fixed to the car and taken back to their respective temples. The deities that come long distance from Mailam, Gingee, Deevanaur stay for two or three days in the town to enable the devotees to offer worship.

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The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden in Pondicherry was created in the year 1826. In 1829 it has more than 800 species cultivated under the head of Mr. Jacquemont, An eminent Botanist named Perrottet enriched this garden with rare plants brought from various places. It has a plant-house built in the South-West, and a circular pond at the centre. Now, this garden also has an aquarium for the visitors and runs a school called Jawahar Bhavan to school students to enrich them in fields of cultural, sports, art and music. Flower show conducted every year that attracts large visitors.

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The Boat House at Chunnambar situated 8 kms from Pondicherry is an ideal picnic spot. The backwaters and the greenery on both side is an eye catching scene. The boat house is facilitated with different type of boats. Restaurants is also available in the premises where foods are offered at a nominal price.

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Yoga Festival

Pondicherry is well established for Yoga. It has various Yoga centre in and around this modern town. These centers train as well as teach yoga. Every year in the month of January International Yoga festival is celebrated by State Tourism Development Corporation to promote Tourism.

Apart from this, the State also celebrates other festivals like Fete de Pondicherry, Food festival, every year.

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Ananda Rangapillai

The palatial house of Ananda Rangapillai is at no.69 C, Rue Rangapillai. The architecture in his house resembles the French and Eastern style. The diplomatic information noted by him in 1736 to 1769 reveals the history of Pondicherry during French India in 18th century.


Bharathidasan memorial

Bharathidasan, another great Tamil poet lived at no. 95 Perumal Kovil Street. He was inspired by Subramaniya Bharathi and has won various awards for his literally works.
Now his house is a memorial cum research and place of pilgrimage to Tamil litterateurs.

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Bharathi memorial

The house ar No.20 Easwaran Kovil Street, where the revolutionary Tamil poet Subramanya Bharathi, who used his pen as a weapon during freedom struggle to expel the Britishers is now a memorial cum research centre. He lived in this house when he found no hide outs in south India except to seek refugee in this French territory. His finest work in Tamil literature is immortal.

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Excavation in Arikamedu located 7 kms from Pondicherry reveals historical evidence of Roman settlement in Pondicherry 2000 years ago.

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The museum

Situated in rue Saint Louis the museum has various collections of coins, bronze, statues, paintings, Handicrafts, armor and sculptures. A chamber decorated with typical French style has dining room, bed room, and the office rooms, and full of antique porcelain furniture and statuary in French India. The cot used by Dupleix, a nineteenth century coach a posse adds pride to the museum.

Other objects displayed are different types of pottery shred, Chinese olden ware from the Tsung period leads made of glass and semi precious stones prehistoric burial urns found near Muthirappalayam and so on.

In the armor section different types of weapons like spears, swords, pistols, guns, canmons of bronze image of Thiripurantaka, the chola images of Nataraja. Uma and near Thiruvandar kovil are placed here.

Various paintings, handicrafts, and specimens of different types of soils and minerals fossils are displayed. The copies of Subramania Bharathi’s ‘VIJAYA ‘ one of the first publication in Tamil to support the nations freedom struggle and the 160 years old painting press makes this treasure house one of the best in south India.

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The light house

The 27 meter tall light house started on 1 July 1836 has retired from functioning is situated just opposite to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the beach road called as Goubert Avenue. This old light house gives a majestic look and stands as a remarkable place in the history of Pondicherry.

The new light house started functioning on December 1979, is located south of the town. It is 45.72 meters tall. The light emitted from this house covers a range of 40 kms in the night.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pondicherry broadband internet service providers

Broadband Internet Tariff (Unlimited Plan)

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The War Memorial

The war memorial was raised by the French is located next to Hotel de Ville. From the year 1935 the officials of French consulate and people’s representative of Pondicherry government pay homage to all those soldiers of French-India who laid down their lives for their country in World War I.

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The Beach Avenue

Another marvel of Pondicherry is its 1.5 km long promenade running along the beach. One can rest, or merely stroll at anything of the day. On the sea front are several other landmarks. The 3 meter-tall statue of Mahatma Gandhi, set amidst eight exquisitely sculptured pillar facing the Gandhi maiden gives a splendid look. The tall and elegant war memorial is just away from the Gandhi statue was raised by the French to honor the memory of those soldiers who laid down their lives in World War I. The 27 meter tall old lighthouse, the circular shaped two exhibiting the majestic look to the place. All of these add grandeur to the beach road once known as Cours Chabrol and later renamed as Goubert avenue.

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Pondicherry has more than 350 temples. Among them the manakula vinayagar temple in Manakula vinayagar street. Muthumariamman Temple in Muthumariamman kovil street, Kamatchi Amman temple in Kamatchi amman kovil street, Drowpathiamman temple in bharathi street, varadaraja perumal temple in Mahatma Gandhi Road are famous temples.

The Varadaraja perumal temple is known for its architecture. To surprise, the kaniga parameshwari temple perhaps unique, is constructed in European style. The temple of Tirukameeshwarar in Villianur 8 kms from Pondicherry, is oldest and was built during the 12th century.

The veda puriswarar temple constructed in 18th century has stone inscriptions and a swayambhu lingam.

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The Jawaharlal Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education Research is situated in Gorimedu closely to the border of Pondicherry. It is one of the renowned medical cum research institute in India.


The Romain Rolland Library

This public library named after a French ruler is known for some rare collection of 60,000 books and periodicals. It has a reading hall and a reference section with invaluable books in Tamil, English, French and other languages. It also lends book to the members.


Raj Nivas

Raj Nivas, the official residence of Lt.Governor was once the place of Dupleix. The Raj Nivas was constructed in 1766-69 with as excellent structure. Formerly its entrance was on the northern side in Rue Dupleix now called as Jawaharlal Nehru st. Later the entrance is shifted to southern side. The palace has a beautiful garden gives charming look to the facade.


The Government Park

Also known as Bharathi park, name after the renowned Tamil poet is situated opposite to state legislature assembly and the Raj Nivas. It has beautiful plants and trees. The green atmosphere covering the heat of the sun is a resting place for many. It is a place to respire the cool breeze and a place of inspiration to many.


Mark Of The French Rule

As the remaining Portugal culture off seen in Goa, the French culture left by the colonians could be still seen amidst the senior citizens of Pondicherry. The French consulate a colonial mansion situated at Rue Campagnie, has beautiful layout with a garden, and its red, white and blue flag flying at top. Various building and houses still exits reflecting the architects of the French.

The colonial rule started as a trading station founded by Francois Martin in 1674. Pondicherry being the chief, the French also captured and administered various regions. They are Karaikal in Nagai Quaid-e-Millath District in Tamilnadu, Mahe in Kerala and Yanam in Andhra Pradesh. Put together now as Union territory. Pondicherry is ruled by the Central Government. This 262 sq km town merged with India in 1954, late after her Independence in 1945. The White Town still bears French street names – Dumas, Romain Rolland, Suffren, La Bourdonnais, Saint Louis, Saint Gilles even though the word rue is being replaced by ‘street’.

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How To Reach Pondicherry

Pondicherry is well connected by road, rail and air-route. It is located in the southern coastal region of Bay of Bengal. A 162 kms journey from Chennai via Tindivanam is more comfortable to reach Pondicherry. Tamilnadu state Transport Corporation buses, private buses and Pondicherry tourism and transport development corporation buses ply the distance in four hours. Private cars and taxi are also available.

In the town there are auto-rickshaws and rickshaws which will take you to the place of your residence. The fares differ depending on the distance.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Medical transcription in pondicherry

Azimuth, a leading Medical Transcription and e-learning company with operations in Pondicherry and Chennai announced the opening of a new office in Chennai Egmore and strong recruitment.

“We are hiring 50 of the best MT professionals in Chennai to join our new Egmore center.” says Terry Leger, CEO of Azimuth. “We are also hiring home based medical transcriptionists as many MTs are opting to work from home now” he adds.

The company does not see a slow down in its market, despite the tough conditions in the US. “At the contrary”, says Mr. Leger, “our rigorous attention to quality standards is insuring strong demand for our services and continuous growth even during this market slow-down.”
The company has developed an efficient way to train people on campus or online from home and hire then after. The Azimuth opportunity to study and work from home has been usefully adopted by many already. “Our work-from-home program is doing well and we guarantee employment after training!” underlines Terry Leger.

Azimuth has more than 9 years of successful experience in training and enrolling skilled workers. The company says it also offers the best salaries in the market to attract the best professionals.
Azimuth is one of the first companies in India to provide a comprehensive online distance learning Medical Transcription Training to any graduate. To pursue a career in Medical Transcription, one can take up Online MT Training at Azimuth Academy (www.azimuthacademy.com), the exclusive MT Training division of Azimuth.

About Azimuth Software India Private Limited:
Azimuth established in 2000 in Pondicherry is one of the leading Medical Transcription companies in South India. Azimuth currently employs over 200 associates in Pondicherry and Chennai and is expecting to double its production capacity within the next two years. Azimuth provides training, healthcare and medical transcription services to the leading hospitals in the US and it has strategic partnership with one of the world’s largest Medical Transcription Service providers.

Azimuth, +91 (413) 2200954,+91 (413) 2200964,
Visit: www.azimuthacademy.com

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Film director Bharathiraja visits seeman

Film director bharathiraja and actor manivannan visted the central prison at kalapet and met director seeman who is in judicial custody for 14 Days. Seeman was arrested for his provocative speech made during a fast observed by law college students here in support of tamils in srilanka.

[Source: The Hindu /24 FEB 2009]


Monday, February 23, 2009

Joyalukkas launches Showroom in Puducherry

Store to showcase international, ethno-contemporary and traditional Jewellery designs and collections.
The world’s favourite jeweller - Joyalukkas announces its foray into the scenic and heritage town of Puducherry, India with the stand alone jewellery showroom, inaugurated on 15th February, 2009. Stationed on Kamraj Salai, the modern jewelry showroom was inaugurated by the Honorable Education and P.W.D. Minister of Puducherry, Mr.SHAJAHAN. The Joyalukkas brand ambassadress and Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut add grace to the occasion as chief guest. Tamil film actor Mr. Thyagarajan, Mr. Joy Alukkas (Chairman, Joyalukkas Group), Mr. John Paul Alukkas (Director, Joyalukkas Group) and Mrs. Jolly Joy Alukkas (Director, Joyalukkas Group) were also present in the inauguration ceremony.

The convenient 4000 sq.foot Joyalukkas Jewellery showroom, will offer the latest international and traditional designs specially chosen from its outlets across the world to offer the discerning consumers of Puducherry the best of both worlds. World renowned Joyalukkas diamond brands such as Sparx, tre’stelle, Perfekt, Spring and more; as well as ethno-contemporary & international gold jewellery brands like Mayuri, Tehzeeb, Florentina, Resham, Trisha, Aamira, Madhubani, Teens & Twenties and Zenina, plus a host of Platinum, Precious Stone and Silver jewellery will be available at the showroom. Joyalukkas products are 100% BIS hallmarked for gold, 100% IGI certified for diamond and 100% PGI certified platinum jewellery.

“Puducherry has been on our wish list and we are delighted to open yet another avenue and this time for the exciting town of Puducherry. With an expertise spanning over five decades, we are sure that our distinctive designs, quality and service will be welcomed by the town’s jewellery aficionados.” said Mr. Joy Alukkas, Chairman of Joyalukkas Group.

The Puducherry launch follows the recent opening of the world’s largest Joyalukkas showroom in Chennai. The company is set to open 15 more showrooms by the end of 2009 in locations like Bangalore, Vishakapatnam and Vijayawada and various parts of the Middle-East.

[Source: Joyalukkas]

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