Auroville "Holi" Tango Festival 8th to 11th March 2012

We are very glad to announce the coming of the four day AUROVILLE ‘HOLI’ TANGO FESTIVAL featuring international maestros Pino & Caterina, from Turin (Italy); Antonella, extremely talentuous teacher and dancer from Tuscany (Italy) with Hubert from France, and Jorge (Ecuador) with Aurevan from Auroville!

After Delhi and Mumbai, Auroville, an international township of 2200 inhabitants, will be hosting South India’s very first Tango Festival in March 2012.

Join us on this green plateau, 10km north of Pondicherry, for four days of fun, workshops and Milongas every night!

Workshops will be offered throughout the day; putting a special emphasis on the fundamental basics which allow one to dance anywhere, with anybody – the quality of the embrace, the posture and the interpretation of the music.

Classes of milonga, vals and tango nuevo will be proposed as part of the programme.

Be you from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai or anywhere else on this blue planet come and join us for four days of intensive tango experience.

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