Pondicherry is famous for its craftsmanly artistic handicrafts. Pondicherry has a wealth of handicrafts ranging from bronze images to basketry. The wealth of knowledge these craftsmen have has resulted in Pondicherry commanding a distinct position in handicrafts map of India.

Bronze images of Hindudeties with varying sizes is a standing testimony to the excellent craftsmanship of Pondicherry.

The woodcarvings are unique, with a rich blend of French and traditional craftsmanship. The sofas, the carved legs of corner stands, make this art unique all over India.

Carpets occupy an important place in the Pondicherry’s handicrafts. The Tibetan and German carpentry flourished hand in the hand with the tradition of knowledge of cotton and core carpets of south India, in Pondicherry.

Printed and painted wall hangings, were introduced by the migrant Telugu people into Pondicherry and are subsequently improved with the synthesis of European design and art.

Pondicherry is also famous for its Teracotta toys and toys are made out of paper machine. The terracatta toys were also found in the excavations made at Arikamedu, which reflects the state of affairs of Pondicherry during the ancient period.

Clay and ceramic pottery reflects the traditional East and modern West is contacts in Pondicherry. Artistic vases, plates, bowls, jars exhibit the fitness of these crafts.

Pondicherry is famous for its Hand made paper. The ordinary papers, by the introducing into the method of marbling, acquires unique designs of various colors and shapes. No two articles bear the same color combination or design in unique only to these Handmade papers.

Basketry, a rural crafts, occupies a prominent place in Pondicherry handcrafts, due to its intricate weaving and exquisite designs. These articles are made out of bamboo and canes. The cane work through a recent origin, has surpasses the other products of basketry for its elegance and long lasting nature.