The museum

Situated in rue Saint Louis the museum has various collections of coins, bronze, statues, paintings, Handicrafts, armor and sculptures. A chamber decorated with typical French style has dining room, bed room, and the office rooms, and full of antique porcelain furniture and statuary in French India. The cot used by Dupleix, a nineteenth century coach a posse adds pride to the museum.

Other objects displayed are different types of pottery shred, Chinese olden ware from the Tsung period leads made of glass and semi precious stones prehistoric burial urns found near Muthirappalayam and so on.

In the armor section different types of weapons like spears, swords, pistols, guns, canmons of bronze image of Thiripurantaka, the chola images of Nataraja. Uma and near Thiruvandar kovil are placed here.

Various paintings, handicrafts, and specimens of different types of soils and minerals fossils are displayed. The copies of Subramania Bharathi’s ‘VIJAYA ‘ one of the first publication in Tamil to support the nations freedom struggle and the 160 years old painting press makes this treasure house one of the best in south India.