Auroville means the city of dawn, is located 10 kms from Pondicherry just away from the border of TamilNadu. It was inaugurated on 28 Feb 1962. Auroville is unique; it has no creeds, no nationality, no politics and this International town is proposed to have 50,000 inhabitant in and around the world. It aims peace and progressive harmony among the supreme living being.

A handful of soil brought from all states of India and around 175 countries is placed into a lotus bud shaped marble urn in the middle of the amphitheater depiciting the rise of a city dedicated to human unity and integrity. Presently it has 2,000 and more residents around the world are scattered in Auroville.

Still the expansion of this 800 hectares is a daring experiment in social integration, afforestation, solar energy, organic agriculture, industries and an inner quest. This place was a wasteland before1968. Its early settlers, planted two million saplings which yielded the coconut palms, cashews, neem, eucalyptus and gulmohar trees that we see now all around. Its inhabitants, from 27 countries around the world including India, live in eclectic dwellings like Swiss chalets. They are an industrious lot who not only help in the construction of Matrimandir but run units that produce cotton garments, leather bags, furniture, high-tech equipment and organically grown vegetables. Many of these items are also exported.

Matrimandir a place of concentration is the eue of this swirling wind city. This gaint sphere which is nine storeys high, in Mother dream that has come true. Auroville is divided into 4 zones international, cultural, residential and industrial deemed to upgrade the community development. Auroville is surrounded with an intensive afforestation. Nearly 10 million trees are around this 2,500 acre city, spread over an area of 20 sq kms.